At Hilltop we believe that engaging children with exciting material and experiences, motivates them to learn and develop the scientific attitude they need to have an open-mind and show curiosity about the world around them.   Science is one of the most exciting and practical subjects and, as a result, is a real joy for the teachers at Hilltop and the pupils. The pupils love the chance to learn through being hands-on and finding things out for themselves — it is the perfect way to understand the world around them.

At Hilltop, we teach science by encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking; we believe that these are two of the most important skills that children should learn in school. They are essential to making good decisions that lead to achievement and success during school and beyond. 

As a school we follow the Cornerstones scheme. This provides imaginative scenarios that inspire creative thinking and opportunities for collaborative working, demonstrating new skills which encourages enterprise and independent thinking.

Science National Curriculum

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How we teach Science in EYFS.