Meet the team

Headteacher: Mr D Hooley — Also SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead.
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs S Smith — Also Maths Lead; Art and Design Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Early years (Nursery and Reception) — Yellow Class

Yellow Class Teacher: Mrs S Smith
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs C Fearn — Also RE Lead; Forest School Lead
Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Moriarty

Years 1 and 2 — Blue Class

Blue Class Teacher: Mrs M Butler — Also Computing Lead
Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Hoult

Years 2 and 3 — Red Class

Red Class Teacher: Miss A Bell — Also Science Lead
Teaching Assistants: Mrs H Webster, Mrs C Brooks

Year 4 and 5 — Orange Class

Orange Class Teacher: Mr S Greatorex — Also PE Lead
Teaching Assistants: Miss K Smith, Mrs S Rowles

Year 5 and 6 — Purple Class

Purple Class Teacher: Mrs S Sadula — Also Literacy Lead; Music Lead
Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Burton, Miss L Travers

Enhanced Resource — Rainbow Class

ERS Teacher: Mrs D Scales – Also HLTA; PSHE Lead
Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Brewell, Mrs C Gilman, Miss W Murawska, Miss L Stott, Mrs K Ainsworth

Additional support staff

Family Resource Worker: Mrs J Lee
School Business Officer: Mrs N Illsley
Caretaker: Mr G. Lasek
Cook: Mrs A Feely
Assistant Cook: Mrs J Waterfall
Senior Dinner Supervisor: Mrs C Gilman
Dinner Supervisors: Mrs P Brown, Mrs A Hancox, Mrs N Hoult, Mrs H Webster, Mrs C Wilson.

Areas of Responsibility

For a full list of staff and governor responsibilities, please refer to the document below.