Governing Body

All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions and ultimately to represent the school community.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Head Teacher, staff and the local authority. Whilst the Head Teacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved with things such as staffing, curriculum, school buildings and finance. They ensure that the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives.

The legal duties of the Governing Body include:

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • approving the school budget
  • reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
  • appointing, challenging and supporting the Head Teacher.

Our structure and how we work

The full Governing Body meets six times in each academic year to review the progress of the school. We also have two sub-committees — the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Finance and Premises Committee — as well as several smaller groups, focusing on areas like Marketing or specific projects. The committees and groups report back to the full Governing Body meetings.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school. These are:

  • The Head Teacher
  • co-opted governors
  • Local Authority (‘LA’) governors
  • parent governors
  • staff governors, and
  • associate members.

All governors have equal status, however they are appointed.

Who are our governors?

You can find out who our current governors are by clicking on the PDF file below. This document is regularly updated and includes important statutory information we must provide, including the category of each governor, their responsibilities, terms of appointment, and any relevant business or financial interests they have.

If you have any queries, please contact Lynda Joyce, Chair of Governors.