Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament is a group of children made up of representatives from each class, who help make decisions about the wider life of the school. They support Mr Hooley, the Head Teacher, in making decisions about aspects of the school which particularly affect the children. Mrs Moriarty works directly with the Pupil Parliament, which is led by the Primary Minister, supported by the Deputy Primary Minister and the cabinet ministers.

Primary Minister Address

Roles and responsibilities

Each year the classes vote for their 2 representatives to form part of the Pupil Parliament.

At their first meeting of the year this parliament votes to appoint a Primary Minister and a Deputy Primary Minister. The Primary Minister is responsible for chairing the meetings and arranging the agenda, while the Deputy Primary Minister is responsible for minute taking and distribution. Each other parliament member takes on a cabinet responsibility. Please see the document below for a list of our current Pupil Parliament members and their individual responsibilities.