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Safeguarding is everybody’s business.


Ashbourne Hilltop School is fully committed to making sure children are safe, both at school and at home. We have an environment where children feel safe; where children, parents/carers and staff can talk about any safeguarding concerns, knowing they will be listened to.


The school follows the advice provided by statutory bodies, agencies and authorities, for example the Derbyshire Safeguarding Childrens Board and the Local Authority. We are registered to receive safeguarding updates, ensuring we stay aware of current trends and issues. We work alongside supporting agencies in a number of ways. They may provide us with advice, they can work direct with parents/carers and they can support us with resources and lessons, for example local police doing road safety lessons, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School inviting our parents to online safety evenings.


The school site is safe and secure with access to the school building being controlled. School staff and governors are aware of the importance of safeguarding, not just in being alert and raising concerns but also in teaching the children how to stay safe and be considerate of others. We use our website to provide easy access to further information for parents/carers, for example ‘Educate Against Hate’ and the Prevent strategy.


Safeguarding training for staff and governors is ongoing and covers a range of topics from general safeguarding to female genital mutilation (FGM) and extremism.


Please approach us if you have any concerns or questions that relate to safeguarding.


The schools Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Head Teacher, Mrs Hazel Jaques. She is supported by her Assistant Head, Mrs Sally Smith and our Child & Family Support Worker (C&FSW), Mr Ian Cooper.


Remember – Safeguarding is everybody's business.


What have we been doing……

October 2018 - Saltmine Theatre Company staged production and workshop 'Escape' in school to deliver internet safety messages to Years 2-6.  Children from Elton School also attended.  Funded in full by Derbyshire Dales Community Safety Partnership, with local PSCO, University of Derby students and Victim Support also present. 

Hazel Jaques and Ian Cooper attended Annual Safeguarding and Serious Case Review conference.

July 2018 - Water advice with link to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service website shared with parents via Facebook.

June 2018 - Digital Parenting Magazine distributed to all families. 

'Escape' - Theatre production on online safety booked for October 2018. Performance will be in school and also host other primary schools

May 2018 - School representative attended Designated Leads Forum (Primary Schools).

School Council took part in the Great Plastic Pick Up around the town centre. 

Nineteen staff received First Aid training.

April 2018 - School representative attended  Domestic Abuse Notifications training.

March 2018 - Fire Safety talk from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service.  

Whole school safeguarding refresher training on Inset Day - face to face training by a recommended trainer. 

January 2018 - School representative at Online Safety Live Briefing Event led by UK Safer Internet Centre.


Domestic Abuse

This school will receive from Derbyshire Police a notification of every incident that has been reported to them or known to them of domestic abuse where a child is known to be living in the household.

This is a Derbyshire Police initiative working with Derbyshire County Council Children's Services. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and this is to help schools with responses to domestic abuse by helping them support children and their families exposed to or involved in domestic abuse.

This may mean talking to pupils about their experiences, raising awareness through classroom discussion and schools activities, helping victims and families by providing to them signposting information.

This school is committed to protecting children and young people and working with partners to stop domestic abuse.