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Safeguarding is everybody’s business.


 Ashbourne Hilltop School is fully committed to making sure children are safe, both at school and at home. We have an environment where children feel safe; where children, parents/carers and staff can talk about any safeguarding concerns, knowing they will be listened to.


The school follows the advice provided by statutory bodies, agencies and authorities, for example the Derbyshire Safeguarding Childrens Board and the Local Authority. We are registered to receive safeguarding updates, ensuring we stay aware of current trends and issues. We work alongside supporting agencies in a number of ways. They may provide us with advice, they can work direct with parents/carers and they can support us with resources and lessons, for example local police doing road safety lessons, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School inviting our parents to online safety evenings.


The school site is safe and secure with access to the school building being controlled. School staff and governors are aware of the importance of safeguarding, not just in being alert and raising concerns but also in teaching the children how to stay safe and be considerate of others. We use our website to provide easy access to further information for parents/carers, for example ‘Educate Against Hate’ and the Prevent strategy.


Safeguarding training for staff and governors is ongoing and covers a range of topics from general safeguarding to female genital mutilation (FGM) and extremism.


Please approach us if you have any concerns or questions that relate to safeguarding.


The schools Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Head Teacher, Mrs Hazel Jaques. She is supported by her Assistant Head, Mrs Sally Smith and our Child & Family Support Worker (C&FSW), Mr Ian Cooper.


Remember – Safeguarding is everybody's business.


What have we been doing……

September 2017Letter sent to parents promoting good attendance and encouraging positive attitude towards school. Whole school staff safeguarding training booked for a future INSET Day. Review of the schools behaviour policy involving all stakeholders.  

July 2017 - Representatives attended attended Graded Care Profile training. 

June 2017 - Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor attended Governor Safeguarding Training.  Mrs Jaques delivered an assembly on safety around building sites.

May 2017 - Whole school face-to-face safeguarding training booked, led by recommended trainer and focusing on online safety.

April 2017 - 'Attendance Facts' placed on points of entry into school. Positive information passed to parents, encouraging continued good attendance.

March 2017 - Mr Cooper attended School Safeguarding Designated Leads Forum and information shared with Head Teacher and all Governors.  After concerns raised over inconsiderate parking, DCC have been asked to repaint the No Parking School Zig-Zags and Bus Bay outside the school. Parents have been reminded to park considerately and been informed that Police have been made aware.

February 2017 - Safer Internet Day, theme Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet. Teachers did work in class, Head Teacher did special assembly, online safety quiz (with covering letter) sent home for parents to work through with children, (children given merit if returned completed to school – estimate over 75% returned).  This was followed up by class talks from the police on online safety.  
Hilltop parents made aware of QEGS online safety evening, 21.3.17, 6pm, featuring speaker whose son was groomed online.
‘5 Apps Parents Need to be Aware Of’ circulated to all parents.

January 2017 - Mr Cooper and three Governors undertook training on 'Bringing Prevent to the Public Space'.  Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service held a Fire Safety assembly for Years 1 and 2.  Mrs Jaques also held a assembly on Safe Places and Safe People.

November 2016 - Mrs Jaques held an assembly on friendship, to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week.

October 2016 - Hilltop parents invited to attend Online Safety Information Evening - held at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - led by Mr Illsley (QEGS Online Safety Coordinator & CEOP Ambassador)

July 2016 - NSPCC delivered their 'Speak Out, Stay Safe' programme to the school.

School governors and support staff completed online safeguarding training.

May 2016 – Whole school safeguarding refresher training.  Head Teacher attended face to face Safer Recruitment Training.  Head Teacher attended face to face Designated Safeguarding Lead Introduction Training (refresher).

March 2016 – Head Teacher attended WRAP (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent) training (multi agency).  Children involved in online safety work, coinciding with Online Safety Week.  Members of the School Council involved in ‘Clean for the Queen’ – litter pick, using safety equipment, outside the school grounds.  Hilltop School parents invited to Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Online Safety Evening.

February 2016 – C&FSW attended Everybody’s Business Safeguarding training (multi agency).

January 2016 – Teaching & Support Staff completed general safeguarding training and Channel Awareness (Extremism) training online.  NSPCC Online Safer Recruitment completed by Assistant Head, and C&FSW completed Awareness of Forced Marriage online training.

December 2015 – C FSW completed Female Genital Mutilation: recognising & preventing FGM online training

November 2015 – C&FSW attended Safeguarding Designated Leads Primary Forum

October 2015 – C&FSW attended Safeguarding Conference (multi agency)