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Enhanced Resource Status Consultation

Derbyshire County Council


Hill Top Infant & Nursery School


Consultation on a Proposal by the Local Authority

for the Establishment of an Enhanced Resource School Provision




Hill Top Infant and Nursery School is a 3 – 7 year-olds’ infant school with associated nursery provision in Ashbourne. Currently, the school has 95 pupils on roll with 35 pupils in the nursery. The Local Authority has conducted a statutory process to extend the age range of this school to create a primary school from September 2017.

For some time, the school has operated a very inclusive ethos; pupils with specific physical and learning difficulties have been welcomed into the school and into the nursery and have been a part of the teaching and learning throughout the school.

The school and the Local Authority have worked very closely to ensure that these pupils have achieved their maximum potential, and many parents have sought a place at the school because of this positive atmosphere and support.




The Local Authority has proposed that Hill Top Infant and Nursery School should have a designation as an Enhance Resource School status to reflect the existing practice of the school. This was discussed at the time of proposing the extension of the age range of the school to create a primary school, and respondents to that consultation were very positive in supporting this idea. It was agreed that this would confirm and give recognition to the existing practice of the school.




The school has an excellent expertise amongst the staff, both teaching and non-teaching, in working with and supporting the pupils with special educational needs who attend the school. The designation as an Enhanced Resource School would enable the school to plan for the training and development of these staff on a more secure basis and with a longer term perspective.




Enhanced Resource Schools are funded via the High Needs Block on the basis of a commissioned number of places funded at £10,000 each at the start of each financial year, plus a top up, allocated monthly, based on actual occupancy. Top up values vary depending on the type of ERS and the key stage of the pupil.


Statutory Consultation


The consultation on this proposal will be for four weeks from 2 March 2017 to 31 March 2017.


The consultation document will be available on request from Sue Pegg, Development Manager, at the address and e-mail address below, and is available on the school’s website and on .


Any comments, observations or objections should be sent to –


Director of Children’s Services (Ref. DEV/SP),

Development Team

Chatsworth Hall

Chesterfield Road





Or by e-mail to



The deadline for receiving responses to this consultation is 31 March 2017.