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BREAKING NEWS! Dinosaur Bone found at Hilltop

Today a suspected dinosaur bone was found at Hilltop, we brought in our resident dinosaur experts Archie and Benjamin to find out more...


Thank you for talking to us about this great find, where was the bone discovered?

B - We had the field hedge removed by diggers just before Christmas and they found the bone there.


How old do you estimate the bone is?

A - 500million years


What kind of dinosaur has it come from?  Following some debate between the experts...

A - A triceratops leg.

B - A T-Rex upper leg.


How have you developed your extensive knowledge of dinosaurs?

B - I have lots of dinosaur books.

A - I have dinosaur books too and have looked on YouTube.  I also have a Lego dinosaur game.


Finally, what are your favourite dinosaurs?

A - Dinosaur megalodon, which is like a dinosaur shark.

B - Spinosaurus


As told to Mrs Middlebrook, with a little creativity around the discovery, and thanks to Mrs Smith for the loan of the bone.