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Hilltop Heroes Sports Reports

Welcome to "Hilltop Heroes Sports Reports" 


On this page, our pupils will update you on all of their sporting achievements. 


Keep checking this page for reports, photos and more! 




The pentathlon at QEGS was so fun.There were six activities! Lots of schools competed. Some of the activities were harder than others but we managed to do them all.The six things we did was chest push, standing long jump, balance test, speed bounce, 10/10 shuttle run and hop skip and a jump!

Chest push
What we did was throw a really heavy ball as far as we could and the people who did that activity mark us of for how far we through! It was amazingly fun!!!

Standing long jump
In the standing long jump  there was a mat and we had to a swing  are arms and then jump as far as we could and we would get measured of how far with our feet together!!! It was so fun!

Balance test
In the balance test we had to balance on a unsteady poll sat on two mats and balance for as long as we could! It was so good!

Speed bounce
There was a a mat and a triangle cushion that we had to jump over and over it again in 20 seconds! We loved it!

10/10 shuttle run
In the the shuttle run there was a course marked out in cones and we had to run from each side ten times.We got timed on it!

Hop skip and a jump
In the hop skip and a jump there was a long mat and a wider mat for practicing on then on the proper mat we did the hop skip and a jump and got monitored how far we went!It was extra fun!

We loved every single bit of it and we recommend it to everyone we really really liked it!

Year 1 and 2 Gymnastics!

After school on Thursday 30th January, 6 of our amazing year 1 and 2 gymnasts went down to a QEGS Festival. They all enjoyed using the different equipment and meeting new children. Well done for your super effort! 

Change4Life Champions

Lunch Time Sporting Activities

We have been getting active at lunch times with our lovely new equipment! Here's a bit of tennis action. 

Early Years Yoga!

Early Years have been having lots of fun doing yoga! What great poses!

Basketball Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Fearn has embedded Forest School into the EYFS. Forest School provides the children with opportunities to appreciate the wider, natural world and to encourage responsibility for nature conservation in later life. It developed children's personal, physical, emotional and social develop through regular Forest School sessions. It allows children time and space to develop their skills, interest and understanding through a range of activities which provide hands-on experiences in a natural environment. 


The children love it! 

KS2 Table Tennis

On Monday 2nd of December, 4 of our KS2 boys went to play table tennis at QEGs. We played against Osmaston and Ashbourne Primary. We won one game against Ashbourne Primary 9-10. We were taight some table tennis skills from the people at QEGs which included hitting cups over using the bat and ball. 



Three of our lovelies represented Hilltop at the Pentathlon event on the Wednesday 27th of November. They all beat their own scores on an event. Well done, boys! 

Cross Country

On Monday 21st October, 11 of our fantastic children attended a Cross Country event after school at QEGS. Each and everyone of them made the school proud by trying their best and not giving up. We even had one child come 2nd out of around 120 children. 

This Girl Can

On Wednesday 25th September, 12 girls went to Matlock Leisure centre for 'This Girl Can'. We traveled on a bus it was 40 minutes when we arrived. Let me tell you one thing, boys say that girls can’t play any sports when they can play sports! It was fun, we did dodgeball, dance and we pretended that the floor was a swimming pool! There were animal floats. There were 2 pigs 2 sheep and 2 cows and we loved it. At the end, we said THANK YOU.
                                THE END! Thank you for reading from all the girls who went

School Sports Organisation Crew

On Tuesday 17th  September 2019 we went to Hulland Ward Village Hall to do some training for School Sports Organisation Crew. We all enjoyed it lots and lots. We all hope to become good school sports organisation crew. All of us made a game but we were in pairs. We all got good scores from each other’s team. Some ideas for our games are with cones, balls, hoops, spots and sphere nets. We hope people will come to our club.

Written by SSOC 



Keep up to date with events Hilltop could be attending on this link from QEGS.

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