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ER Provision

Hilltop Primary and Nursery School is an Enhanced Resource (ER) mainstream school. Our school offers 5 places within the ER providing unique specialist provision for children with physical impairments.   At Hilltop we believe in a person-centred approach to learning which recognises the child as a whole.   A close working relationship with multidisciplinary teams, parents and the child ensures that learning takes place every day. This helps pupils to develop communication, emotional, social and physical skills. 


Values and Ethos


  • to be a school in which each individual child makes outstanding progress
  • to be a school in which children are excited and stimulated by their learning
  • to be a school that plays a full role in the life of the community




Pupils are supported in the main body of the school and are integrated into class alongside their peers. Pupils take part in whole school activities such as educational visits, celebrations and events.


Our Aims


  • to increase independence in daily life
  • to realise every child’s potential
  • to ensure the children are confident, happy and highly motivated
  • to improve communication, fine and gross motor skills
  • to provide personalised targets to enhance progress for the child and their family




Our staff are highly trained, dedicated members of the school team. They have years of experience in supporting children with Special Educational Needs. Over the years they have had on-going training in all aspects of child care and education including medical intervention when needed. Our staff have developed professional working relationships with outside agencies to ensure we all work together to get the best outcome for all of our pupils.


Personalised Learning


  • Self-help/life skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving
  • Specific literacy and numeracy targets (multi-sensory learning opportunities).


These areas of personalised learning take place either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups to develop social interaction and communication.




  • The ERS classroom (Rainbow room) and the main school are fully accessible to our disabled pupils. The hard-standing playground and path around the playing field are also accessible. The back of the ERS classroom is being developed into an outdoor teaching and learning area.
  • Whiteboards in the classrooms are height adjustable for easy access.
  • The corridors are wide and the classrooms large which allows our pupil’s to move around school independently.