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Hilltop Heroes Sports Reports

Welcome to "Hilltop Heroes Sports Reports" 


On this page, our pupils will update you on all of their sporting achievements. 


Keep checking this page for reports, photos and more! 



Up and Coming Events:



Year 5 and 6 QUAD Kids at QEGS Field 24.5.19


Year 5 and 6 Kwik Cricket at Clifton Cricket Club 6.06.19 


Year 1 and 2 Tennis at Ashbourne Tennis Club 10.06.19 


Year 3 and 4 Kwik Cricket at Clifton Cricket Club 17.06.19 


Year 5 and 6 Rounders at QEGS Field 27.06.19 


Year 3 and 4 Rounders at QEGS Field 1.07.19 


Year 1 and 2 Mini Olympics at QEGS Field  05.07.19 


Year 5 and 6 Tennis at Ashbourne Tennis Club 08.07.19 


QEGS Presentation Evening 10.07.19 


QEGS Community Day Race 4 Life 12.07.19


Year 3 and 4 Tennis at Ashbourne Tennis Club


Tennis was great. We were split into three teams. We all played against different Primary Schools like Biggin and St. Oswalds. We all played fairly! You had to try and hit it in the box otherwise the other team got the point. You have to hit it diagonally or it's not fair. Our school played about five matches, we played on a court near the caravan park. I think our school did really well! The QEGS students were keeping trak of the points and if it was a hit out or in. It was very fun! Also, it was very nice getting to know other people! Our school results were one team came fifth, another team came fifth and one team came first, which is very lucky for us! I enjoyed it and it looked like everyone else did as well! This doesn't happen very often but Hilltop played against Hilltop! 


Jessica from KS1

Year 1 and 2 Football at QEGS Field - 30.04.19 


Year 1 and 3 had a fun time at the football festival.

We won a match 2-0

We drew 3 matches and lost one 2-0. 

We had a good time. 


Jamie in KS1

Red Class' Dance Festival 


On Thursday 11th April, all the children from Red Class took part in a Dance Festival Day at QEGS. They were very busy, in the morning they took part in a music workshop, a drama workshop, a Bollywood Dance workshop, an African Dance workshop and had a rehearsal. In the afternoon, the children wowed the audience with their fantastic Scottish Country Dance. 


Here is a little write up from two students: 


"I enjoyed yesterday at QEGS because I enjoyed doing the dance and I enjoyed doing the African dancing." 

"I enjoyed watching the other schools dance and I enjoyed using the instruments."